London Escorts Love Tight Fitting Dresses

I have quite a nice figure despite being almost 50, and I like to wear tight fitting dresses. When I worked for the best London escorts I used to wear a lot of tight fitting dresses as well. Men seemed to appreciate them, but I was never sexually harassed about my dress code. It isn’t until recently I have noticed some harassment creep in. I have to say that all of the girls who still work for London escorts, say that I look a lot younger. When I go out in my tight fitting dresses I do get younger chaps hitting on me, and it is kind of embarrassing.

Most of them think that I am younger than I am, and I have to tell them. When I do tell them, they immediately back off and are very polite. They often pay me a compliment and tell me that I look good. The funny thing is, like I keep telling my friends at London escorts, no men my own age hit on me. I find that kind of weird, and I wonder why. A friend of my husband said recently that they think I am too young. To be honest, I am a happy married woman but it all makes me laugh from time to time.

The other day I was explaining to my friend Karla that I think that tight fitting dresses have a feel good factor about them. They sort of make us feel sexy, and this is perhaps why so many London escorts wear them for work. I really don’t know why I still wear mine, but I do like to show off my figure. My husband says that it is okay, and I think that he secretly gets a kick out of my tight dresses. Of course, many gents who date London escorts get a kick out of their dresses.

I do feel that I am changing a little bit and I was telling my old madame at London escorts, that the dresses come out more often on holiday now. We travel to Spain a lot as we have a villa there, and some of my dresses are now hanging there permanently. They have been pensioned off and now function as summer dresses in Spain. Most of the girls at London escorts laugh at me when I tell them that, but I can’t carry on forever. My daughter might gets embarrassed.

Photos of moms trying to look like their daughters really turn me off. I think it is really silly, but there you go. My daughter is a lot younger than I am so I am not going to even attempt it. What really has me worried is when my 13 year old daughter wears tight dresses and the men look at her. She is just getting boobs and is really proud of them, and she has the beginning of hips as well. With a stunning smile and dark eyes, she will be a girl that all the boys are going to want one day. I wonder what her father will say?…

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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace


If you are a career oriented woman and place your work and home at equal comparatives, you must also be prepared to identify as well as fight sexual harassment at the workplace.

This does not necessarily mean that all women face it. However, in a full career, women come across various experiences as well as situations where they need to measure the volume of harassment and if needed, raise the alarm.

A harasser at your workplace could be anybody—any senior or junior colleague. However, it becomes most unbearable when the culprit is your boss—your reporting manager. This is because, they are the one who is ideally supposed to be the first authority for grievance redress for you.

Irrespective of the culture, sexual harassment of women at their workplace, particularly by a boss, is a common practice worldwide. However, it is seen more prominently in male dominant countries like India.

Definition of sexual harassment

Before preparing herself against the possibility of any such harassment, a women must need to understand the definition of sexual harassment. Even though the name suggests, sexual harassment is not restricted to unwanted physical advances of the harasser. In fact, physical harassment is an advanced stage of sexual harassment.

Any form of mental or physical violence against women or indiscrimination can be identified as sexual harassment. Unwelcome behavior like sexual remarks, touch, humiliation, undue promotions or demotions are some indicators of sexual harassment.
As women are often termed as the “human X-ray machines” (gauging ill-behavior), identifying harassment is a very difficult task for women.

Laws that protect women against sexual harassment

Internationally, the United Nations defines the laws for protection of women against sexual harassment and related laws under its General Recommendations 19. Besides, all countries have national laws as well as various national organizations that protect the rights of women. In a number of countries it has been made mandatory for all corporate as well as government working agencies and bodies to set up sexual harassment committees.

Behavior/ suggestions for woman to prevent harassment (especially from the boss)

Most aspirant women fall in the trap of dating their bosses when they are initially happy with their work. In order to protect her from future trouble, it is very important for a woman–not to date the boss.
You must ensure a disciplined behavior and send the message straight that the “you are not interested” the moment you get a signal from the boss.

Having cordial relations with other colleagues and building up the image of a social person always builds an impression that if needed, you may confide in more than one person. This will always indicate to the harasser that he is at risk of being ridiculed by others.

Guidelines to fight sexual harassment

It is crucial for women not to quit her job. The next step is to find out the policy of the employer. Pen down the complaint since a written word is always a matter or record and authenticity; keep reporting the incidents. It is often recommended that women should keep a diary for this purpose. Most importantly, do not be afraid of confronting the boss (harasser) if needed.

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